Monday, September 12, 2016

Retail Lighting Design Tutorials

So much for technical lighting design so I decided to do something familiar to my turf in architecture. The retail lighting design.  I have created the first video tutorial, actually two videos already.  One is the introduction and the other one is the beginning guide based on SLL Lighting Design Handbook.  I do this just to review myself and to share it with others.

In my opinion, lighting design in retail application is very important to consider.  Lighting in shops or boutiques or groceries made people buy more.

Retail Lighting Design Introduction

This first video will tell viewers who I am, how long I work as a lighting designer and what they will expect in the series of video tutorials.

Retail Lighting Design Tutorial Part 1

This next video is the basic information about lighting design.  The tutorial is based on the SLL Lighting Design Handbook.  I just copied all the information, add some photos, say it in words, create the video and that's it.  I did not add any information from my side.  I didn't even say any comment or opinion about retail lighting.  I just read it. This is to inform the viewers or the students about what is inside this handbook.

In my next video, I will discuss how to do it.  This is now the "How-to" part of the tutorial where the viewers or the students will learn how to do the lighting design for retail lighting using Dialux evo software.  In my opinion, this how-to is the most important part of learning.  We have so much information and this time we need to do something about it.

Good-luck to me and I hope my viewers will love it.  Lets start spreading the free education.

In conclusion, retail lighting is somewhat exciting to me now.  I hope my followers will learn a lot about retail lighting from me.

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