Monday, September 12, 2016

Road Lighting Design Tutorials

Have you ever wonder how the road lighting design calculation is being done? Check these video tutorials to find out how.

Videos are available for those who are lazy to read.

Lighting design tutorial, the real how-to is very rare in the Youtube world, that's why I created these videos to help myself and other lighting designers to ease their pain in finding the right information.

Road lighting design is not just about laying posts along the road and mount the luminaires. You need to consider a lot of things and you need to achieve the requirements from the road lighting design standards. You may think just lit the road and that's it. But, no. Road lighting must convey safety and security for drivers and pedestrians. There is also the need to consider, like the back lighting and spill lights, or if the area is aiming for LEED certification, then the BUG rating must put into the must-to-think lists.

You also must select the right optic, right wattage, right height of poles and right controls if necessary.

These videos are based on the queries of my Youtube subscribers.  I will create a separate videos about the basics on how to do the road lighting design calculations.

This first video is about the problem of our friend on how to achieve the required lux level and uniformity for road lighting using 10 meter pole spacing.

This next video is all about maximizing the potential of road lighting design to lessen the initial and long term investment of the client.

And, this third video is all about manipulating the pole parameters to achieve the standard requirements.  Basically, these are all about the pole.

In conclusion, road lighting is not easy. Lighting designer must learn it efficiently.


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